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Another silly dream I had.

The “griffin” looked pretty much exactly like that, and was wandering around in my house with a bunch of smaller “cub” griffins. It was probably their mother, but it and the smaller griffins were just acting like some kind of docile pet.

After that, in one of the rooms of the house there were a bunch of piled up books, and my dead parakeet in the form of a cub griffin was thrown inside them without upsetting them. It burst into flame, turning the pile of books into a small furnace briefly, and I remarked, “It’s a phoenix!”.

Completely logical, right?

Teacher Ed

Here we go. “Teacher Education“, brought to you by Vlad Klodenwan.


I Want The Best
Because Thats What People Do
The Real Problem Is Education
My Goal Is To Learn How To

I Will Go To The Market
Looking For A Share
Professor Of Understanding
In The Military

Teacher Ed
Is For You And Me
It Is Fate In The


Teacher Ed
(10) Youre The Best
Therefore You Must Continue To Protect Us

Curriculum And Instruction To Do
We Have The Power To
I Have Taught And Ill Show You
Teacher Ed!

What You Need To Know
All You Need To Know

Stablehand scrap update: 9/04

I have no idea what this thing even is, but I just kind of had it appear in my head when one of my friends said “Looks like John was the blue thing after all”, and then I had to draw it.

It might actually end up being a transformation for somebody in Stablehand or something, though I can’t imagine who just yet.

Two different things were happening on these pages: first, I was trying to draw the main characters/design their outfits a while back (while experimenting with perspective on Kate),

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Stablehand: Yanha the Insulator, from start to finish

Over the past three days, I’ve been working on a sculpture of an Insulator who I call Yanha. Unlike other Insulators, which I’m thinking like the other similar “mystery beings” will be a dark-bluish-greenish colour (although there is some amount of variation between individuals), Yanha is a bright white, hence its name.

The sculpture is not quite done yet, but I will edit in the final picture(s) here when it is.

Insulator concept art.

Preview of something I’m making for Stablehand, called an Insulator.

Gosh, what is this thing?

It’s Yanha looking, as I remarked to my friends, “like a backwards cobra”.

This is one big honking Insulator.

Yanha in-progress.

Yanha about to go into the oven.

I had no idea how long to bake this thing since the thickness guidelines were pretty much useless on something with this much variance. So I just put it in for an hour and hoped for the best.

About two hours and three frantic, impatient checks later, it was baked.

Yanha out of the oven.

I then took some pictures of it with my phone and immediately proceeded to manipulate one with GIMP. Which… had some somewhat surprising results.

Yanha… oh god. GIMP, what have you done?!

That was the “despeckle” filter run amok, by the way. I… think I actually like grainy pictures better.

Yanha standing on my printer / mockup made in GIMP of what I want the finished Yanha to look like.

Yanha painted in white.

Yanha’s blue markings about 80% added. Face and chest still unfinished.