Oddly, I’ve been listening to Spyro music for a long time, but only today do I have a sudden urge to draw Sgt. Byrd as an “LoS” character.

I’m thinking of drawing him SUPER SRS and realised and doing kind of a sepia/desaturated effect like when history program re-enactments are trying to emulate old photographs.

Well, here you go. Now I dunno if I want to go all the way and create the picture I was talking about earlier, but I got this done at least.

Fun fact: while you might think the hummingbird military would not be very effective, unless Byrd is really, really tiny, they’d be at least twice the size of an average cat if you take the game’s proportions literally.

If those could move as fast as real hummingbirds they could actually be pretty scary.