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Oddly, I’ve been listening to Spyro music for a long time, but only today do I have a sudden urge to draw Sgt. Byrd as an “LoS” character.

I’m thinking of drawing him SUPER SRS and realised and doing kind of a sepia/desaturated effect like when history program re-enactments are trying to emulate old photographs.

Well, here you go. Now I dunno if I want to go all the way and create the picture I was talking about earlier, but I got this done at least.

Fun fact: while you might think the hummingbird military would not be very effective, unless Byrd is really, really tiny, they’d be at least twice the size of an average cat if you take the game’s proportions literally.

If those could move as fast as real hummingbirds they could actually be pretty scary.

For a little while now I’d imagined SH, Arkturuse, and Aiyalam having “mystery beings” working for them as well as people, but hadn’t quite figured out which ones. So I’m doing that now!

  • SH: Observers + ??
  • Arkturuse: Transitors, Postulators, and Ostentators, as well as a few Conductors
  • Aiyalam: a lot of Instigators, dunno what others

SH has Observers because they look like dogs, Arkturuse has all the proud and fancy ones, and Aiyalam has Instigators because they love causing trouble.

I might add a few more when I get all the main “mystery beings” designed.

Somehow this only occurred to me today, but if Stolen Heart doesn’t have a heart, he also shouldn’t have a pulse, or very good circulation if any.

If (being the weird spirit thing he is) he’s somehow able to survive that, he should probably be like getting dizzy or getting headaches at random moments and passing out about half the time. And also oddly cold and dry to the touch.

I am probably going to stick with my initial idea that being a weird spirit thing is largely able to preserve his body, though, so he probably wouldn’t display any obvious blotching or swelling.

Initially I saw him as being somebody who is just able to brave his situation even though it’s very tough, and nobody knows how bad it really is, or would even believe him if he tried to explain. But it seems now like his problems will have to be pretty evident even though he tries extremely hard to hide them, and a lot of the people who work for him will probably have noticed a little slip or two in concealing the fact he’s all but falling apart and be very curious.

Stablehand: The mystery beings and their sensors

I had to make a diagram of the mystery beings’ various sensors, because not even I could get them all straight. :P

As you’ll notice, many of them can see in either infrared or ultraviolet, and the extra-special Instigator can see both. All of them also have a strange extra sense, which practically nobody in-universe knows the exact purpose or mechanics of (or at least, practically nobody outside the mysterious Borderlands; it’s unknown how many people live inside them, if any). This sense is a little weaker in the Instigator than most, nearly absent in the Ostentator, a little better than most in the Conductor, and very strong in the Postulator, which seems to be able to use it in place of sight.

(I said Postulators don’t usually echolocate before, but now that I think about it, I can actually see them using sound/radio waves in conjunction with this sense a lot, so that is probably no longer canon.)

I’ve seriously been toying with the idea of an “Ask Stolen Heart” blog, likely titled something like “Answer-like Answers to Question-like Questions”.

Of course, I still need to revamp the way I draw the character as well as figure out his background a bit more, and I really don’t know whether it would be funny or just kind of boring, so I haven’t done it yet.

What do you think? Would you check out an ask blog that was just about a person who has no emotions answering questions in a completely monotone and objective way, no matter how crazy they got, or do you think that would just be completely ‘blah’?

Stablehand: Postulators and Ostentators

Like a snowy owl and bat.
They do not have eyes but can use hand pads as sensors.
Probably drew hands wrong.

Postulators are fluffy bat-like beings with great hand-like wings (or wing-like hands, maybe) that like to live in dark places, but have made it their task to assume that figurative light extends everywhere and to strongly argue that no matter what happens, things are not as bad as they appear. Though they have no eyes, the pads of their wing-hands appear to act as sensors that can somehow intuitively “feel”

Full entry

A very quick attempt to draw the Observer’s colour palette between classes!

Basically, the entire thing is mostly a deep greenish blue. The head horns, spikes, and ears have subtle light blue on the end and both the ears and the rest of the forehead section are a little lighter than the rest of the body. The patagium is close to the light blue colour but a little darker and greener, and the “boss” (upright) form has a V-shaped marking across its chest that is a sign of dominance and absent in the quadrupedal form.

The creature’s four “eyes”, which are not supposed to look super eye-like but are kind of shiny and gem-like, glow brightly, and they’d glow even more brightly when the creature is experiencing strong emotion of any kind. The “eyes” could probably turn different colours, but they don’t really have a standardised code of using any particular colours to communicate.

Stablehand: Conductors and Instigators

There are a lot more mysterious beings coming up, I can tell you that. For now though, I just have two more.

Conductors are vaguely dragon-like floating beings which almost always carry a baton. Incredibly proud and domineering, they almost always have an idea of what everybody else should be doing, which they will often very emphatically try to “hint” at by moving their hands and batons. When they are being particularly expressive, the stripes and spots on their tails may randomly cycle backward at varying speeds. Insulators often hate them for their pushy, rather egoistic nature.

Instigators are restless, mischievous beings that like to stir everybody up. They are not necessarily bad, but they do get bored easily, and as such have a bit of a reputation for spreading lies, playing pranks, and otherwise being sneaky and causing trouble just because they have nothing better to do. Their tail ornament can act as a beacon and make a number of strange sounds, and their tongues, which are literally both sharp and silvery, are effective at hypnotising others to do their bidding. It’s common to see them form small bands with others (Instigators or otherwise) to accomplish some kind of secret personal objective that’s completely mysterious to everyone else.