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Stablehand: The mystery beings of the "Borderlands"

Most things in the world of Stablehand seem pretty straightforward and unmysterious. A dragon? Sure. Pretty unremarkable. A dragon that looks like a griffin? Weird, but not that weird. A unicorn? You don’t want to be around one, but it’s not as if they’re magic or anything.

However, in a few scattered nooks and crannies of the world that few have seen personally and the few more who have heard of them don’t even believe exist, there are some very strange things. Some extremely, incredibly strange things.

Observers are medium-sized canine-looking beings which seem to periodically alternate between two different life phases, somewhat like the mythical werewolf. In one phase, they have a head-located mouth and webbed limbs, while in the other they have a chest-located mouth and a patagium that extends between their limbs and tail, enabling them to glide. When they wish to express emotions, they light up one of two pairs of perceptive organs on their snouts, or both.

Transitors are vaguely avian-looking beings that just seem to glide through the air endlessly at a steady pace, their mantle-like tail and spiked “feet” seeming to merge into the air behind them as they do so. Occasionally, other beings can be seen riding them.

Insulators are large, bulky beings with vaguely fox-like heads and great, shield-like chests. They are mostly quiet and slow-moving, but will irritatedly flash their perceptive organs brightly if they detect anybody they think might cause trouble.

There are also other strange beings that appear in the same places, including cloud leijonœrns, weird gigantic mountain- and angle-dinosaurs, totem-snakes, and zigzag-lizards. And much, much more.

The Kamehameha has nothing on this.

Yesterday I was trying to think of a name for some kind of technique Stolen Heart could use just because, and… somehow my mind formed the words namida and kaminari into…


And I haven’t been able to stop saying it to myself it since.

I’m pretty sure it fits, since I’m pretty sure nobody with emotions could possibly call something that with a straight face.


Wow, I wasn’t able to find “Kaminamidaminari” a single time on Google, either in English OR Japanese.

It’s taken me nineteen years to do it, but I might just have actually created something original.

Two different things were happening on these pages: first, I was trying to draw the main characters/design their outfits a while back (while experimenting with perspective on Kate), and second, just today I was trying to design logos for the characters. JF: birdy. Kris: quartz crystals. Kate: dino wing thing, which didn’t quite satisfy me. Lance: flaming blood puddle. Hughes: sprout. Ariana (character I haven’t designed or told you about yet): pouncing cat.

On a subconscious impulse, I also found myself imagining the logos sliding in from the side and the sounds they’d make as they did that, and tried to write those down. I really can’t tell whether that was just a trope I picked up from TV and video games or yet another sign I may be synaesthetic.

Okay, there was another thing going on too: the reason Lance was drawn in ballpoint was that on the day I drew that, I was procrastinating on finishing my homework to submit online when suddenly there was a fire drill and because I didn’t think to bring my homework or much of anything out with me, I was forced to sit and watch the deadline approach while unable to accomplish anything whatsoever. Nervously, I hunted up a piece of paper and a ballpoint pen and tried to draw Lance in order to calm myself. (In retrospect I think I did surprisingly well for not being able to erase AT ALL, being nervous, and not having any references.)

Oh, and I was also trying to design Grævonian newspaper stuff. So I guess four things were going on with these pages? That’s… a lot of things.

Later I’m going to vectorise the five of these logos I got done.