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The dream was presented as if it were a foreign film in black and white, and the dialogue was in some Middle-Eastern language. I’m not sure if it was Arabic or not though because I saw at least one subtitle in “Arabic”*, but then again it could just have been a closed caption. The length of the dialogue wasn’t really matching the length of the subtitles though, so I’m kind of guessing the subtitles were in a different language from the dialogue. The film seemed to be made and set somewhere in some fairly deserty-looking but also fairly inhabited part of the Middle East with some amount of urban development (I’m not really sure exactly where because it was kind of vague and I don’t really know specific countries very well being more obsessed with southeast Asia;

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Stablehand places, for NN and anybody else wondering

Machination: “The North”, briefly home to the crafty Kolonok and his brave explorer unit. Contains a few ominous-looking semi-permanent camp structures.

Fantasy: Zefír, a city in the sky supported by great pillars. A marvel of architecture.

Synthesis: Name undecided, but will probably be kind of Germanic/Swiss. I know it will specialise in watches.

Unity: Hinotoria, the land of the firebirds. “Peaceful imperialists”; focused on kindly and nonviolently assimilating everyone into Hinotorian culture/ideals in order to bring about world peace. Kind of Chinese.

Esteem: ???

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Okay, with subsetting AND woff compression (and I think about one or two fonts taken out), the overall loading time went down to only 12.0 seconds, which is about a 48.4% reduction from what it was with the fonts completely uncompressed.

So now it just takes a while, which is far preferable to a long time, and vastly preferable to forever.

I’m not sure whether you’ll find this noticeable or not, but today I compressed the CSS I was using to provide DejaVu fonts, using WOFF. The Stablehand pages were on average taking about 23.5 seconds to completely load before largely thanks to the size of that file, but now they only take about 18.8 seconds. So now they only load in forever minus 5 seconds, rather than taking forever.

I’m going to see if I can further reduce the filesize by manually subsetting the fonts.

Stablehand scraps, 5/2~7/24

Has it really been TWO MONTHS since I did the last summary post already? That’s a long time.

Well, anyway, here are all the scrappier things that happened in that timeframe!


Fulvopards are pardeans, an odd group of “mid-sized” cats that I’m still figuring out. The main idea though is that they evolved from the close ancestors of either “big” cats or “small” cats (mostly small cats) but are a distinctly different kind of cat. (I guess by that definition the group might be polyphyletic? Eh,

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