TDNMB, 6/6:

Three things.

  1. People in Grævonia are very divided on their opinions about hexarts. Those in Wespiegel generally have a strong animosity toward them, and a lot of businesses have “no hexart” signs. Those in Easboro pretty much love hexarts and a lot of businesses have signs that say “hexarts OK” or something similar.
  2. Skyland! It’s a city in the sky. Made of walkways, platforms, pillars, glass, and downward-facing “groundscrapers”.
  3. This morning I was in kind of a silly mood and was kind of thinking about Stolen Heart and Arkturuse’s teams and how they might decorate their buildings. Then I thought of how occasionally you’ll find a store or whatever that has a big happy face and a message that says “have a nice day!” or whatever, and got these hilarious images of Stolen Heart and Arkturuse doing their… own takes on that. Stolen Heart’s I’ve already explained; the joke behind Arkturuse’s is that he’s blind.