Yesterday I was trying to brainstorm some places for Stablehand based on the Destiny Attributes. For the Fantasy attribute, which is all about impractical dreaming, I imagined this vast glass-encased network of walkways, buildings, and other stuff all up in the sky supported by a multitude of giant, sturdy pillars. (I don’t have a good idea of what to name it right now so I’ve tentatively been calling it Skyland. Given the obvious collision with Skylanders, that may change though. I hate IP.)

Then I went to bed and started dreaming about myself telling somebody about Skyland, for some reason emphasising all the safety measures it had so that you wouldn’t fall off and break your neck in mid-air. (I believe I used words very similar to those exact words at least twice.)

I also told this person that Skyland boasted downward-facing “groundscrapers” instead of skyscrapers because this was more efficient gravity-wise, and emphasised how the pillars formed a large, noticeable geographic feature comparable to a mountain range or something.

When I was asleep the thing about groundscrapers seemed so cool, but now I’m awake I’m like “um… okay… what?”.