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The title of my next song is going to be “Incongruity and Duplicity Sing the Blues”, and it’s going to be about some sort of disillusioned, shadowy crook and a straw-hat-wearing, talking crow who often says strange and nonsensical things.

(I’d been kind of determined to get some kind of clothes-wearing crow into this before thanks to this, but the idea of him forming a duo with somebody else came from this Cleverbad quote. See, I actually use them for stuff!)

I love this Stablehand project.

I’m not Solid Snake!

  • I’m just normal me sleeping in my normal real-life couch bed, exactly the way I went to sleep.
  • Then, I strongly feel a presence in the room and suspect somebody is going to wake me up. I cautiously bring down the covers and look.
  • I see a slightly threatening-looking man approaching. His dress looks kind of like Ocelot‘s at one point but he definitely isn’t Ocelot.

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Stablehand: Hexarts and Perissodactyls

The world of Stablehand isn’t just a single, homogeneous glob of city and forest. Why would it be?

Accordingly, there are many different populations of hexarts with different shared characteristics. The Common Hexart, Hexartus multipotens, is usually scaled and compact, while the Hinotorian Long Hexart, Hexartus hinotoriae, generally has a long, slender body and tends to be covered in filamentous, hair-like plumage. It also displays sexual dimorphism, with the male tending to have larger, narrower horns with more tine-like projections, whiskers, and a fluffy mane toward the back of the head.

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It’s done. All the Destiny Attribute symbols are done.

Here is a convenient and certainly not at all confusing diagram showcasing all the Destiny Attribute symbols for Stablehand, a tentative Japanese translation of each of their names, and how each compares to other attributes.

In the event you can’t figure out everything you ever wanted to know about Destiny Attributes from this diagram, you’re probably hopeless a full explanation of each attribute will be arriving within maybe a week.

Okay, I think I’m pretty much done spriting the four main characters of DCS!

(small spoiler if you read it) since it’s 90% dead I may as well unhide these. :p