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A human-like hexart for Stablehand in progress.

You might remember him from the diagram. His name is Shadow!

Yup, I used Blender vertex paint to try to experiment with some colours for him. It’s okay for that, at least. We’ll see if it’s worth anything as a guide for painting real textures later.

(Sidenote: at the moment, this guy is oddly reminding me of the dragons in Spyro the Dragon thanks to the way the head “beard” and wing shape look right now, though I wasn’t trying at all to make him look like that.)


As you can see, I’ve just added a couple of neat Stablehand-themed reblog and like buttons to my tumblr theme.

The Unity attribute symbol is the like button because the Unity attribute is all about peace, harmony, understanding, and stuff like that.

The eternity attribute symbol is the reblog button just because they looked awfully similar to me. XD

Here are my deliberately awful parody fantrolls I’ve been promising you.

Kyrtos Arktan

  • Black blood; was supposed to grow up to become His Honourable Tyranny but for some weird reason, became a troll instead
  • + y |> <- ~ |_ I |< <- /- |> I |= |= | < |_| |_ + <: <- <> |/| <- + |>, y |> |>, <> |> |_ <- |/| (types like a difficult geometry problem)
  • Teh Angle of Death!!!

Full entry

I was thinking about the word “retrolark” I made up earlier today, and realised it sounded oddly like a typeface name.

So, I tried to draw up an idea for Retrolark, The Typeface, based on the way I was trying to design the font for the Stablehand logo.

(Note: Retrolark is going to be released under the OFL CC-BY-SA [I read it more closely and the OFL kinda sucks actually], so if you want to make your own typefaces that look like it, that’s perfectly okay.)

Yesterday I was kind of toying with ideas for what the “official Stablehand title/logo” should look like, though not actually drawing them yet.

My first idea was that it should say “Medireview Fantasy Stablehand!”, but then I realised that since the main plotline isn’t really in the medieval/”medireview” period that wouldn’t quite make sense. The setting is more just kind of retro, which lead me to come up with the word “retrolark” (kind of like steampunk, you know? XD). That by itself sounded kind of awesome, but “Retrolark Fantasy Stablehand!” didn’t really sound that great. (I may end up using retrolark for something else Stablehand though, since I really like it.)

Hmm, I’ll have to think about this some more.