The rest of the "aethereal trio"

My various methods of coming up with new details had already suggested a lot of underlings for Stolen Heart, as well as a rival (his name is Arkturuse, and he’s the avian-looking one, as you can see). Yesterday, though, I randomly decided that there should be another major player in whatever it is these weird masked spirit guys are doing, and the three of them should somehow “make sense” together as a whole—since Stolen Heart mostly lacks emotion and there was another one, I kind of figured the other two should be lacking in other things.

So, Stolen Heart mostly lacks emotion (but is pretty good at reasoning), Arkturuse mostly lacks reason and common sense (but has a lot of emotion), and Aiyalam lacks a sense of morality (but is decent at seeing things “as they are” in a harsh, unforgiving reality, aside from the fact he tends to overdo it).