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Lance showing his stuff in Dinostuck: Cretaceous Square.

My thoughts while painting this image:

Me: Takumi, stop. No, Takumi! Bad Takumi! There is such a thing as too much detail and you’re gonna get there really soon!

Other me: Screw it, I’m having a ridiculous amount of fun with this.

Me: It’s gonna take way too long though!

Other me: So what? When it gets done it will be the BEST FRAME IN ALL OF DCS for at least a couple tens of pages.

Me: Okay, you can keep going, but this doesn’t feel right. Eventually you’re gonna regret this.

Other me: No I’m not.

Me: Ah, whatever. Let’s do this thing!

Another DCS spoiler

This time I decided to do some relatively quick sketches of the…



Can you guess who they match up with?

Anyway, from left to right…

SIS is into flashy jewelry and astrology. She’s a kind of middling nobody singer/songwriter who wishes she was a famous pop star.

DAD is kind of stern but overall a nice guy. He believes a lot in good honest work, living without regrets, and following one’s intuitions.

CUZ is into gardening and botany, and kind of adventurous. Unfortunately, he got lost on some kind of great botany-related expedition, and had to be replaced by the somewhat strict and no-nonsense AUNT on the far right. Who I might end up redesigning a little.

HONOURABLE GRANDFATHER is kind of aloof and cryptic and mostly just sits in his chair or stands around looking out the window a lot looking like he might or might not be displeased about something.

“Sis” (Kira) was pretty much the only one of these I re-used for Stablehand about as-is. The others kept the “scratch” names I came up with (Lars, Karl, Baihu), but were basically redone.

Tyrian: Saralya

Today I revamped a somewhat old character, Saralya. You can read all about her (or “it”, technically) on the corresponding dA page.

31/12/14 edit: Silly me, never realising nonbinary things could be referred to with gendered pronouns. In the future, I’ll stick with “she”. Also, no need to go there to read it.

Recently, having learned a lot more about dinosaurs, it kind of bothered me that I’d based a thing that was obviously supposed to have features of feathered dinosaurs on a more traditional scaled terrorlizard and just coincidentally tossed a couple of feathers on it as a random addition. So, I redrew it to look more like what it’s actually supposed to be: a feathered theropod.

Again, I forgot to include some of the markings because I wasn’t referencing the previous drawing (I have a bad habit of doing that XD) but I think it might overall just have fewer markings this time around because I think it looks a little “purer” and more mysterious that way.

Things it would have been really awesome if the minor characters of Homestuck had gotten but they sadly didn’t, #216:

An awesome and really gigantic metal steed.

(I really have no idea how he’d actually get onto it, but whatever. Maybe it has stairs? XD)

Recently I found a kind of interesting post on tumblr where people were putting together a story by each taking the last sentence of a specific page of a book and posting it.

I saw that, and thought, “Hmm, I wonder what that story would sound like if I BT‘d it?”. So, I BT’d their story, using my awesome skills of editing to fix all the bad grammar and otherwise make it look more story-like than it would otherwise. So, here it is: a story which was made solely by taking sentences out of other stories and translating them badly with Bing many times to the point of being unrecognisable.

Full entry

I actually had a dream about RacieB submitting a deviation. This was a rather strange deviation, with two somewhat large thumbnails somehow embedded into the artist’s comment box, the text wrapping neatly around them just like in a book. Might I add that this comment box was on the right? I don’t remember what was in the div to the left of it… I think it was just empty.

Inside the comment div on the left was a creature called something like “Megalophon”, and on the right side was an animal that she for some reason called a “Platylodon”.

Full entry

I can only imagine that PSAs in the Stablehand universe are some of the most entertaining things ever. At least when they deal with hexarts, anyway. XD

(If you don’t get the joke here, as I said, people often regard hexarts as if they’re some sort of devil spawn or something, so the thought of a bunch of them in the same place having a big party like this would be appalling to a lot of people.)

For some reason, I’ve been having this odd feeling that I’ve not been accomplishing a lot lately and things have been stagnating, though I’m not sure why. Maybe because I haven’t and they have? That’s one reason. XD

Well, in any event, I’ve decided to start a simple but hopefully quite effective project on my Tumblr to combat that called Takumi Draws No More Blanks. This project won’t have any specific goal other than to make sure I post something—anything—visual of any quality level every single day. It’s kind of a really loose and open-ended drawing-journal type thing.

Most of them probably won’t be finished enough to post on this site, but if they’re the kind of thing which I’m going to trace over on the computer later or which turn out to be fairly good character drawings for Tyrian/Stablehand, then you’ll of course get to see them here too. I’ll add the link to the hashtag to my list of “Assorted things” over at the side so you can find it later if you want to.