Monthly Archives: March 2013

This is what it’s like in the U. S. of A., folks

In America, people eat hot snow slushies graciously given to them by the relief effort. Don’t ask me how hot yet still crunchy snow is even possible. It just is, because that’s what the glorious leader says. He also says it’s perfectly explainable for people to be driving around in cars as though they are affluent and be desperately poor at the same time. Americans sure are a tenacious lot, aren’t they?

This wasn’t done too seriously*, but I experimented with harmonies a little on the lyrics I had so far for Jinfèng’s theme. I think I like it.

*Case in point: what sounds like “no Dow / no Dao” should be “no doubt” and what sounds like “justly size the clarity” should be “justly sides with clarity”. I didn’t want to bother to re-sing it before the lyrics were done though. XD

Oh man, I just got the best new idea for an Artifex logo… unicorn in a circle with both “credo quia absurdum” and “concipimus ergo erit” (we think, therefore it is) in it.

Going to draw this soon. It’s not going to take much either.

Edit: Ha, ha. Guess not. I don’t even remember what the style of it was supposed to look like now. :p

Hexart colour chart

Yesterday I stayed up way too late (way too early, you could even say) making this silly hexart spectrum picture. But I like it. And I guess that counts for more than the number of hours I should or shouldn’t have stayed up on a random day.

These eighteen extremely special hexarts each embody one of the eighteen Destiny Attributes in Stablehand. Each one has a specific colour or grey shade, resides in a specific place somehow connected to its respective attribute, and displays a form somewhat similar to that of its attribute’s respective symbolic animal (though more so for the Directed-attribute hexarts than the Undirected-attribute hexarts). The Undirected hexarts also have arbitrary accent colours and/or auras that relate to their name/story/personality.

You’ve already seen Red, Azzuro, and Quietus. Achroma, Sphene, Savannah, Patriarch, and Tobiano are probably next up, as I’ve already partially designed them. Shadow and Celeste are also probably coming soon since I feel like their designs are going to be very interesting, though I don’t know whether I’ll be able to make them as interesting as what’s in my head as soon as the former five (though the same might turn out to be true for Partriach too). Oh, and I actually tried to design/draw some of the main characters once recently, but got a bit sidetracked, possibly because of all these hexarts. :p

To make a long story short, there are a lot of awesome hexarts coming in the near future.

Bad Translator describes itself

Today as I was returning to my “nonsense dream team” for more inspiration for Stablehand, I stumbled across an odd little quote that seems to describe the process, particularly Bad Translator, perfectly.

My favorite tool, the inventor of the word spirit? It can encrypt, a kind of Story. Flowers and vegetables for human consumption. Why not use it? I think?