Goodbye domain name! It was good times while it lasted.

Sadly, it seems that I was not quick enough to heed the renewal mail on my free domain name and it expired without notice on the third of February, replacing this home page with an obtrusive advertisement for a Visa gift card. As a result, now NOBODY can have the name without paying $19.90 to register the domain for at least two years, and probably a bunch of people are going to be confused by the advert and think that between me and my web host, at least one of the two of us is a scammer. And did I mention that probably over half the links to stuff on the site, either on Sangkara or elsewhere, are broken? I won’t be able to fix all of them until Google un-registers the dead domain name from my blog, either.

Instead of completing the all-too-common “Dot TK is a bullshit scam” narrative in full, however, I will instead give you good news.

The site’s new address is