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Stablehand: Hexartus

This is a concept I drew yesterday for Hexartus, the most familiar genus of dragon found in the Stablehand universe—more commonly known simply as the hexart. Hexarts are very unusual among animals not only for their crazy number of limbs (hexa- six + artus limb), but also for their incredible power of metamorphosis. Although all of them begin life looking somewhat like the juvenile above, at a certain point many individuals undergo a drastic transformation that leaves them looking wildly different as adults. The process is not well understood,

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An announcement for art, culture, and fans everywhere

Recently I’ve started taking an unusually great interest in the subject of intellectual property, its ups, its downs, and its abuses (on both sides). And after listening to a couple talks by a man named Lawrence Lessig, I’ve finally started to decide on what my stance is.

People want to remix, repackage, and transform. It’s an outlet for their skills, a way to express themselves, and just something to do when they don’t feel like making more “serious” and “original” works. There’s something about it that feels more productive than simply mindlessly consuming things,

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