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The Spontaneous Homestuck Alliance

  • This was some kind of crossover between my life, my manga idea, and Homestuck.
  • First, I got some kind of weird call on my mobile phone in the middle of the night while sleeping on the couch at my grandmother’s house, and didn’t want to open my eyes to see who it was so I just fumbled around for the accept button. Which was for some reason the middle button that actually shuts my alarm off in real life.

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Stablehand: Stolen Heart

Yay, now I actually have something visual to show you for Stablehand. It’s a character by the name of Stolen Heart.

“Stolen heart’s best right hand? Unfortunately again, what may seem like a rainbow. Without the extension, the reason why people.

“You are, you are the best example in me much. Unfortunately, there is no need for advanced logic kodėlgi.”

And thus, this guy was born. His name is Stolen Heart, and his trusty right-hand man (not shown) is named Kodėlgi. If his design looks oddly familiar,

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