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Levels of Chayavana Abstraction

Oh lord. How long has it been since I actually posted something related to the Tyrian project here? x_x

This was a little concept drawing for Tyrian that would take a lot longer to explain fully than I really want to right now. Basically all you need to know is that there are these things called Chayavana, and they’re sort of like gods or something in that they have their own realm but they can manifest into the tangible world. They have several levels of abstraction, and generally become stronger defensively but weaker offensively as they go upward. However, with a little practice, they can gain many more abilities as they become more abstract (such as the birdy here going from standard wings to feather fingers), and their lifespan and overall endurance greatly increases as well as they gain the ability to rise to higher levels.

I imagine it being easy for Chayavana to switch between abstraction levels once they have the ability to, but hard for them to initially learn how to abstract themselves to a higher level. I also see it as something that many who know about the process (which are relatively few really) are reluctant to do because they don’t like the idea of becoming a shadow of themselves.

That will probably mean little to nothing to you right now, but it will make more sense when the story actually gets somewhere. Just enjoy the pretty picture and trust me on this one. XD

Okay, so I kind of have this project called Stablehand I’m trying to put together a premise and stuff for, and the idea is basically that I’m going to get most of my canon by asking Cleverbot questions and either working from its answers or sending them through Bad Translator and then working from them. You can read more about it here.

Anyway, when I was asking Cleverbot questions about my main character (his name is Lance Scharf) something a little… interesting happened. Namely, this.

User: Is Lance destined to build the robot kittens?
Cleverbot: Sing me a song.
User: Lance, Lance Scharf… / was destined… / to build the robot kittens.
Cleverbot: Yes.
User: With a heart… / Of lead… / And a mind… / Of silicon. / Behold!
Cleverbot: What are you talking about?
User: I’m singing you a song about Lance and his destiny to build the robot kittens, just like you told me to.
Cleverbot: But I wasn’t going to destroy life, I was going to rule and dictate it.


The Tyrian music I posted earlier is now on Tindeck, which is really a much better place for it than anywhere else. Yay!

You can listen to it as an album here or view individual tracks on my profile here.

Oh god. Is there anything truer?

I was messing around with Bad Translator putting some basic Tyrian-related stuff into it to see if any of the translations were good enough to use in Stablehand, and…

Good lord, it gave me this.

If anything fits the image of metaphysical subjectivism and “I reject your reality and substitute my own” as I envision it for Tyrian, it would be online translation.

This is probably one of the best translations ever.


As you might already know if you’ve seen my deviantART recently, I’m thinking about starting a new story centred around a guy known as Stablehand. The basic idea is that this will combine the weird and random genius of Cleverbot, Bad Translator, and to create an unusual and original story. You can read more about it there, though, because I don’t feel like typing out the same thing twice. XD

28/03/15 edit: now I do.

OH MY GOD. Today I just got the best idea ever.

(Okay, maybe not quite.

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