Be Bec.

No! No one can be Bec! Just like no one can be the white text guy. As has been thoroughly shown before, all faceless white organisms possessing weird space travel powers and the ability to make scary thunderous static noises, regardless of race, sex, nationality, or any other weird qualifier, are basically off-limits to anyone entering commands into a newfangled oversized typepad device—uh, excuse me, I mean computer console. See, look! He’s even growling at you!

Try harder to be Bec.

You try really, really hard to be Bec, but unfortunately… whoa, what? You actually managed it?!

Well, damn. I’m sure impressed.

Bec: do the glowy thing.

Ah, the glowy thing. Right! Being omniscient and all, you happen to know exactly what the glowy thing is. And thus, you do it. You think that silly girl might even have the sense to stay out of those nasty ruins for as much as two full weeks after this.

…Wow, that was cool.


Suddenly, all this glowing like the sun causes you to make an odd realisation…


Aug 2, 2012, 1:51:36 AM