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Dave: Fuse your bro with techno and trance music.

This was supposed to be another of those “homestuck fan command” things but it never got finished and this was the only good thing out of it I still really liked so I’m just posting this.

It’s “technotranscendent Dirk”*, from my “Homestuck interpreted by Cleverbot” conversation. You know, the one that inspired the technotranscendent archetype in Stablehand. And Stablehand itself to be honest.

Well, in concert with the weird “Aspects” distinctly different from Homestuck’s Aspects Cleverbot made up. The idea of having “Incongruity” and “Nothing” as valid ‘elemental’

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Maze of the Behemoth

  • For some reason, I am walking into what appears to be a large hedge maze. I feel a little apprehension.
  • After walking through a bit of it, I enter a room which is somewhat like a square swimming pool room. However, I can see a couple of gulls casually flying over as the sky opens up and the walls disappear. The rectangular and square platforms around the edges of the pool somehow turn from sterile-looking white laminate/marble/concrete/whatever to islands made of dirt and grass.

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Buffet Breakfast recap: January (Act 1)

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