The Forbidden Barn

  • Boy immediately rushes into blue barn he isn’t supposed to be in, just like he did earlier, and several people shout at him not to although nobody actually tries to stop him. The barn has multiple windows to the loft with white borders.
  • Barn is a single room with a crate in the middle and some hay across the floor. There doesn’t seem to be a ladder to the loft, oddly.
  • Crate has a bunch of precautions on it, but I only remember a few of the sillier ones: “may be orange”, “may breathe fire”, “may evolve into Wartortle” (one of these things is not like the other…)
  • On one side of the crate, there is a circle with a slash partly through it, and over the slash are multiple stylised dragons (one larger one in the middle and about three smaller ones around it). In bold, capital letters, it says at the corners of the box, “Jason, no!”, as well as “Danger!” or “Stop!” or something like that.
  • There’s a hint that “Jason” entered a red barn before and found a similar crate that was unlabelled, so this one was labelled so he wouldn’t do the same thing again. He actually passed by the red barn and a somewhat disgruntled old man next to it who was mostly balding and had white hair (with a faint tinge of tan), a beard, and overalls as he was running to the blue one.
  • The dragon breaks out of its own accord, easily tearing through the crate with even small motions as if it’s paper. It’s entirely black rather than orange with dark eyes, and immediately goes and nuzzles the boy like a dog instead of being all ferocious or whatever (it’s actually a little smaller than a Saint Bernard, too).