Parrot Theatre

  • We apparently have two parrots. One is a normal adult Dusky Pionus, and the other is a Pionus that’s about the size of a parakeet but otherwise looks exactly the same as the other one. For some reason, the pygmy Pionus is running around free (there apparently is a reason for it, but nobody explains it). I suggest that we put the smaller parrot in a spare canary/parakeet cage, but my mother declines.
  • The smaller parrot is wandering around on the piano shelf which is a lot clearer than it really is (or possibly on the window ledge at the far end of the room and just reflected there).
  • Finally I put the smaller parrot, who has somehow transformed into a green and yellow parakeet, into the cage with the parakeets, who are somehow alive again (maybe the part where we’re watching the movie is chronologically before).
  • I can hear some show going on in the kitchen. I note somebody is being apprehended and it sounds very much like Cannon, especially when I hear William Conrad’s voice.
  • For some reason, we decide to watch a movie that was apparently filmed using both of our parrots (who knew they were so famous?). It opens with multiple adult Pionus (about four, maybe five) that look just about exactly like our larger one sitting on a (willow? Maybe some tropical tree, but not a palm) branch. Several of them are rubbing their beaks on the branch and all of them are fairly active; some are moving down the branch a little.
  • The movie pans into a setting that might be California. I don’t remember much about it although there were a lot of good lines and things I wanted to remember. With little surprise, though, it kind of resembled Paulie.