Okay, this is really not that Tyrian-related, but I made another fancy linkback button. You see, the other day I was on Charahub, and noticed that Homestuck seemed to be misspelled on the main page where they have links to all the popular fandoms. I Googled it just to make sure Homestuck was the proper spelling, and in doing so, stumbled onto the actual story and started reading it. And then I became a fan, and made a nice linkback button of deappearifying pumpkins.

(Wait, did I just say pumpkins? That must have been a typo… I’m pretty sure there never were any pumpkins. ;) )

So, yeah. I’m thinking about drawing up some fan commands, which I’ll post on my deviantART, and who knows what else. Or maybe I won’t draw up any of that, and will actually focus on my own stuff again for once. Only future me knows! ;)