Arceus and the Soccer Ball of Jam

  • While looking through Arceus’ forms, some are caused by the normal plates, and some are caused by mason jars filled with a particular type of jam. Oddly, the mason jars all seem to have negative or no effect besides changing that particular Pokémon into blueberry Arceus or whatever.
  • Arceus can apparently learn Tickle at level 39, which I’m pretty sure it can’t.
  • My brother is telling me while I’m looking at a real mason jar filled with raspberry jam that they’re okay things to throw at a really nasty enemy like a zombie or something (presumably in an RPG or whatever), but you really shouldn’t throw them at people in more chivalrous battles.
  • Somehow, after hearing nonsense French on some sort of soccer program on TV, I’m able to repeat the same nonsense French in another situation having to do with soccer (maybe when I’m watching an actual game? I seem to be the referee or something, though), adding “s’il vous plaît”, a real French phrase.