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Okay, this is really not that Tyrian-related, but I made another fancy linkback button. You see, the other day I was on Charahub, and noticed that Homestuck seemed to be misspelled on the main page where they have links to all the popular fandoms. I Googled it just to make sure Homestuck was the proper spelling, and in doing so, stumbled onto the actual story and started reading it. And then I became a fan, and made a nice linkback button of deappearifying pumpkins.

(Wait, did I just say pumpkins? That must have been a typo… I’m pretty sure there never were any pumpkins. ;) )

So, yeah. I’m thinking about drawing up some fan commands, which I’ll post on my deviantART, and who knows what else. Or maybe I won’t draw up any of that, and will actually focus on my own stuff again for once. Only future me knows! ;)

Parrot Theatre

  • We apparently have two parrots. One is a normal adult Dusky Pionus, and the other is a Pionus that’s about the size of a parakeet but otherwise looks exactly the same as the other one. For some reason, the pygmy Pionus is running around free (there apparently is a reason for it, but nobody explains it). I suggest that we put the smaller parrot in a spare canary/parakeet cage,

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Welcome to Jump World

  • Main character: Tanis P.C., or TPC
  • First seems to have been caught in library-like place that’s strangely empty despite full bookshelves, caught for stealing something. Not sure what or where. Told to bind hands together with clear tape, binds up only one hand so they’ll think he’s doing what they told him to, then tears it off and runs out the door.
  • Long scene where TPC is running down street after street as fast as he can.

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The Forbidden Barn

  • Boy immediately rushes into blue barn he isn’t supposed to be in, just like he did earlier, and several people shout at him not to although nobody actually tries to stop him. The barn has multiple windows to the loft with white borders.
  • Barn is a single room with a crate in the middle and some hay across the floor. There doesn’t seem to be a ladder to the loft,

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The Cyrillic Boarding School

  • A staff person asks me to write my name in Cyrillic on a pen that already has my name in English on it on two different sides. I’m supposed to have my name in Cyrillic on my birth record too, and it’s implied that everyone is supposed to write their names that way from now on.

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Arceus and the Soccer Ball of Jam

  • While looking through Arceus’ forms, some are caused by the normal plates, and some are caused by mason jars filled with a particular type of jam. Oddly, the mason jars all seem to have negative or no effect besides changing that particular Pokémon into blueberry Arceus or whatever.
  • Arceus can apparently learn Tickle at level 39, which I’m pretty sure it can’t.
  • My brother is telling me while I’m looking at a real mason jar filled with raspberry jam that they’re okay things to throw at a really nasty enemy like a zombie or something (presumably in an RPG or whatever), but you really shouldn’t throw them at people in more chivalrous battles.
  • Somehow, after hearing nonsense French on some sort of soccer program on TV, I’m able to repeat the same nonsense French in another situation having to do with soccer (maybe when I’m watching an actual game? I seem to be the referee or something, though), adding “s’il vous plaît”, a real French phrase.
  • People in small village are afraid for their lives, because killer rocks have been coming down and squashing people, as some middle-aged-to-older farmer-looking bald guy tells me. (Wait, what? You can’t farm in the mountains! Maybe he’s Swedish and has a pasture or something.)
  • It’s a kind of remote place with probably not more than 20 houses; story is told in monochrome. I realize this is a rather Twilight Zone-like plot.

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Political Map and the Bao Zodiac!

I didn’t think I’d be able to sit down and do a political map this soon, but somehow I did! Or at least I got started… it’s about half done right now. XD

I’ve also started working on a zodiac for a country called Baoguo—as you can guess, it’s somewhat like the Chinese zodiac, but a lot of the animals are different and accordingly have different stereotypes. For example, instead of a tiger, there’s a snow leopard, and in addition to the other farm animals, there’s a duck.

The next post I make in a few days will have some finished drawings and descriptions for both of these. Erm, I guess not! Whoops.