Monthly Archives: May 2012

New linkback buttons

Yesterday, I wanted to put a Subeta linkback button on this blog to honour the best virtual pet site ever. But it seemed kind of out-of-place on its own, so I decided it needed a friend or two. The two most obvious ones to put next to it were Valenth and Charahub, two other projects by the same company. But I couldn’t make just one Valenth button—I had to make six!

And then I couldn’t decide on a single one to use, so I had them rotate via javascript! Take a moment to refresh the page or look at some of the other pages on this site, and you’ll see what I mean. Isn’t it cool?

I also made the Charahub button (though not the Subeta button). Maybe I’ll make a Sangkara button later for anyone that wants to use it!

The Voltaria Leijonörn

Yup, I’ve been at it again, doing everything but drawing my actual characters. But hey, this time I made a fairly cool design: the Voltaria Leijonörn. It’s the emblem of the Voltaire family, used as a heraldic charge among other things, and I meant it to be a sort of fierce-looking lion-eagle without being a griffin.

I didn’t think about whether these were its “proper” colours or not when designing it, but I’d assume they are since they don’t neatly fit the narrow set of heraldic tinctures. When actually using it as a charge, the entire thing would probably be just be recoloured grey and black like this:

Argent, a Leijonörn displayed ash-grey, maned and queued sable.

I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out.