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Origin of the Name

I’m sure many of you are probably wondering exactly what this blog is about, what that crazy name means, and why the Saralya it’s all shady and gloomy. Well, whether you are or not, here’s why!

This site,, is where I’m going to announce updates to Tyrian, a manga series that I’ve had in planning for about a year or two now. (A manga, for the uninitiated, is a Japanese-style right-to-left graphic novel typically serialised weekly by the chapter first and then in bound collections of about two months’ worth of chapters.) Although I was too busy living life then to get to the stuff that really gave it meaning,

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Yay, Valenth spam! XD

Here are a bunch of Valenth adoptables I’ve facetiously named after characters that are planned to appear in my manga. If you have nothing better to do, you can click them if you like.

31/12/2014 edit: Valenth is dead, so all the images in this post irrevocably broke. I replaced the the images that were the rest of this post with the ones I saved, which should be most of them.

TyrianKazahikoShirakeruShvetaYukibakuhouWit HonouHallebardaVirajCaeruleus

Also here are a couple Stablehand-named ones.

Wang BaihuShadow

(Fun fact: Shadow here, its name being the adoptable’s “canon name”, was the inspiration for Stablehand Shadow.)

Aaaand an old OC.


Honourable mention to Ounce, one of my favourites, and O, which reminded me a hell of a lot of a name-glitched character in an old monstergame bootleg.