I don’t recall all the details of my dream last night, but I remember that it was very interesting. I was walking into some sort of tunnel, like the sort you see underneath roads but somehow inside a building, and all was dark with maybe a few small lights shining on the sides. The first door I got through easily without doing anything but bending down a little (the tunnel’s ceiling was gradually getting a little higher as I progressed inward), but the second one required a little more doing to open.

There was some sort of a toy car on the floor that could only build up energy to go forward by being pushed backward, and I had to somehow line this up exactly with the door and send it through to open it. I’m not exactly sure how I did that because the door was raised about the height of a home doorstep off the black concrete floor, but somehow (it may have just hit the “doorstep”) I managed to get it right after several tries and get through. The next room involved a larger vehicle that almost rose to my knees and looked rather like a somewhat narrow engine on the outside but seemed to have wheels. This one also had to be pushed backward, I think, though I don’t recall how it opened the door. I do, however, remember that it made a low “zee” noise when being pushed back.

The next room was much more elaborate than the previous, unfurnished ones—it actually had a carpet, reddish-brown with some sort of designs on it, in particular some yellow, though I didn’t really look at it very much. I was more concerned with the random opening in the wall showing out to the sky—a broad, square door-without-a-door—and the random sticks of dynamite sitting around. Yes, dynamite. There was also one of those detonator-box things with a T-shaped handle, somehow plugged into the outlet. At first, out of concern, I unplugged it, but when I felt the presence of some friend of mine behind me I had to plug it back in, lest I be noticed. Some random bearded man showed up in the room and suggested singing, so I suggested switching on the boombox, and did (the boombox was on a one-legged table that I had not previously noticed with three ornate feet and had some sort of a square, white tablecloth on it, and it (the boombox) was also plugged into the outlet, along with the detonator box, in a funny twist of logic, as you’ll see). I switched on the boombox, and he burst into song to the music. I was anxious about when I should detonate the room, because my random new visitor and his friends whom I could not actually see but knew were in the room behind me (isn’t that a creepy feeling?) might notice. However, when he flicked a little spark over the table somehow (I’m not sure whether it was just an enthusiastic swipe of the arm while singing or lighting a cigar) the spark hit one of the dynamite sticks and lit all the others in succession. Delighted that things were going so smoothly without any effort from me, I leap out into the “sky” and sort of just flew away.

The rest of my dream involved some vague glidings over the countryside, but I don’t remember hardly any of it. For some reason, I didn’t look back at, or even hear, I think, the structure I’d just caused to explode.

<aside>At no time during the course of this dream did I have any idea why I was blowing up this structure. I think was just part of the “puzzle” that I only realised was the solution when I entered that room, like moving the cars.</aside>