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I don’t recall all the details of my dream last night, but I remember that it was very interesting. I was walking into some sort of tunnel, like the sort you see underneath roads but somehow inside a building, and all was dark with maybe a few small lights shining on the sides. The first door I got through easily without doing anything but bending down a little (the tunnel’s ceiling was gradually getting a little higher as I progressed inward), but the second one required a little more doing to open.

There was some sort of a toy car on the floor that could only build up energy to go forward by being pushed backward,

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Earlier today, I was playing Pokémon yet again and fell asleep, which is never a good combination. You can only imagine what followed… XD

My dream began with the battle screen from Black and White loading up, Munna levitating around above the opposing side much like in the official footage. I forget what my Pokémon was, but it didn’t matter (it might have been my unnamed female Gible). Anyway, Munna used an attack, but no message came up to tell me what it was; it involved two angels like the one that appears when using Sweet Kiss (although these had trumpets), and they hovered downward off to the sides of my Pokémon, toward two mysterious crates. Then, they disappeared when they got close to the crates, and my Pokémon instantaneously turned into a cloud of yellow energy that got absorbed into them. After that, my next Pokémon got dragged out, but appeared somewhere beyond the enemy (the camera zoomed in to reveal the close-up). She was a Chansey wearing a marching band leader’s hat and crossed suspenders that seemed to be fastened to her pouch, and was bracing a small prop rifle with a bayonet attached against her shoulder.

Though I don’t think the dream continued on, I somehow remember that in the next battle, my Pokémon that got sealed away in the crates was back, much to my relief.