It began with entering a barn filled almost to the ceiling with straw; I had to crawl along the top of it, and in doing so, I found some magpies. The one problem was that though my unconscious mind was convinced they were magpies, they were entirely black, more like ravens. I snatched one of the black magpies in my hand (which I’m surprised in retrospect it let me do), and, much like a real bird, it attempted to bite me. It succeeded in landing a few nips, but I was able to shift my hand so that it could no longer reach its beak all the way over. I then seized the other one, and left the barn (though I didn’t have to crawl through the straw this time, I just walked out unimpeded).

Once I was outside, I saw a beautiful eagle with feathers in rows of various shades of brown on its wings that was just taking wing from a low-lying branch. I told myself that it was a golden eagle, but it had beige and white on those variegated wings, so it couldn’t possibly have been. Its flight transitioned into a levitating motion, and simultaneously it became an ear-tuft style of owl, with long, meandering tail feathers and began to sway back and forth; it was mostly just one shade of brown now. Come to think of it, it actually moved about a lot like the Twin Demons in Ōkami (Lechku and Nechku).

The owl then became a nearly-flat porcelain rendering of itself, white, yet painted with arbitrary colours in some places; it was actually a little gaudy. Just as abruptly, it multiplied into three porcelain owls, all three still levitating mysteriously (though I might add that they were no longer swaying as they were inflexible), lined up one in front of the other, almost like dominoes.

The dream ended with me examining a box of spongy clay-like material, the kind of craft supply that they sell in art stores that seems it would never be good for any practical art piece. It was arranged in several small masses of various colours, fairly orderly, like a bunch of lopsided golf balls.

I think the part of the dream with the brown birds may have been somewhat inspired by a creature I drew this last weekend called Devastacia.