Yearly Archives: 2009

In my dream, I had a caterpillar about 25 centimetres long to take a rough guess. What was strange about this caterpillar was that it looked exactly like the Mothra larva from the 1992 film, and I had a stack of miscellaneous papers to feed it. I noticed that among them was a half-ream of connected typing paper with the holes down the sides like you sometimes see, and decided that somehow that must be ideal. However, when I tore off the holes and offered them to Mothra, it was totally uninterested, and instead had picked up an envelope.

I have no idea why, but I somehow had gotten it into my head that envelopes were not to be eaten, and confiscated it (with Mothra still tenaciously hanging from its prize) and offered the holes again. Mothra was enraged and hissed at me, then proceeded to snatch another envelope and leap away with it.

It began with entering a barn filled almost to the ceiling with straw; I had to crawl along the top of it, and in doing so, I found some magpies. The one problem was that though my unconscious mind was convinced they were magpies, they were entirely black, more like ravens. I snatched one of the black magpies in my hand (which I’m surprised in retrospect it let me do), and, much like a real bird, it attempted to bite me. It succeeded in landing a few nips, but I was able to shift my hand so that it could no longer reach its beak all the way over.

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