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Botany glitch: secret lilac branch

Today I dreamed that I had some sort of college test to go to, but as it wasn’t for another half hour or so, I was waiting around in my yard. Until it was time to go to class at the far, far end of my yard, behind a random door just standing out in the grass not actually connected to a building.

While waiting for class, I started looking at some birch trees around the area, and discovered that one of them had an odd branch with flowers you wouldn’t expect to see on a birch tree. They were small white flowers with four pointed petals in a fused (connate) tube shape, clustered in some kind of small thyrse—basically like a lilac but pointier. After I spotted them the first time I tried to find them again, but completely lost sight of the branch the second time and couldn’t find it again, as if it had moved higher on the tree and then disappeared. Had it been grafted on there? Had it mysteriously mutated out of the tree? Was it even real? Now I might never know.

With a matter of minutes left, I went to make sure my calculator was in my invisible bag “just in case” the test required one, and set off for the far corner of my yard.

However, I still had faith my non-botany-related professor of a completely vague class which was going to be testing the whole time might be able to tell me something about the phantom tree branch.

That’ll take at least eight Staraptors, probably

I had a dream that I and a bit of family and friends were going to some kind of boating place. Like, a place where you rent a boat and boat around on a really wide lake, but… because it was a dream, there were a few things different.

We drove the car down to this weird little combination dock/parking lot, before realising our car wasn’t built to double as a boat, unlike about a third of the vehicles parked here. Yeah, we were apparently living in the era of car-boats; typically they looked like a car-sized small metal boat with wheels and a car-style windshield and roof.

As we were going to go rent a real boat, somebody else showed up to the side with much wackier ideas.

Oh, my carboat doesn’t go in the water,

he told some staff person.

It’s suspended in the air by several birds.
Uh, like pigeons or something. Four of them. No, six or eight.

The dream then transitioned to me in the bathroom in a regular world without carboats, trying to actually figure out the physics of this. But not trying too hard.

What kind of bird could possibly carry that much weight? A… uh… Staraptor?
If a Staraptor could carry 50 pounds then the boat weighs at least 1000 pounds, so you need at least eight.

…Wait, that’s more than eight.

I’m pretty sure this came from watching Griffin suspend a huge “blob” from about six different directions to tear it apart, but I find it kind of amusing I managed to dream in math problems.

Ken the Edge

Yesterday I had a dream that I was putting together a D&D session with two or three other people in the former garage I sleep in. I obviously dreamed this because everyone’s been listening to The Adventure Zone lately, and because it’s sometimes made more people take interest in the game itself.

There was one strange little twist though. Unlike in real life, I’d apparently been playing a lot of Overwatch and seen a ton of Hanzo and Genji players around—to the point I just kinda couldn’t get a couple of their famous voice lines out of my head*.

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Sometimes I’ve tried to briefly imagine what a Stablehand/16hues-styled tabletop roleplaying system would be like

I’ve never had any immediate ideas for actually building one but it’s kinda occurring to me that like,,,, if I could build it I could program it,,,,,,,
Maybe in a whole “Format B” type thing but way more likely, just as a calculator page you could download that could easily calculate any of the steps for you when you picked it, if you had your character sheets input in some quick and easy format

As for building it… I know some people have just made up extensions to the D&D system for like Pokémon and things, but I think given that’s one of its main things that 16hues/Stablehand would fundamentally require a different stats system to start with, so I’m not sure it could be effectively done that way

Recently I’d been talking with a friend on skype who saw a moth flying around between two layers of windows and then from nowhere a frog also show up between the windows and eat it. I said it would be funny if there was somehow a whole ecosystem between the two windows just because the outer one had been left open, and, well

Today I dreamed that there was this pond with a frog in it but then a heron showed up and nabbed it with its beak before turning into a swan.

Remembering stories I’d heard before, I remarked,

I guess swans are known to eat frogs.

I had a dream that I had apparently been infiltrating some place with the help of Falco and possibly somebody else. I have no idea what we were supposed to do there or why.

But I guess we got it done because I had gone past the brick wall around the place and was now waiting for Falco. He was taking a while for some reason, but when I called his name said something like ‘I’m working on it’. It seems like kind of a bad idea now to have just shouted like that, but I guess whoever was in charge of monitoring this place wasn’t doing a very good job.

Eventually he just kinda stepped up on the wall and jumped to the ground, his black jacket indicating I-have-no-idea-what now clearly in view.

While we were walking away from the walled compound (?) it was for some reason time for me to ask Falco how having flight feathers for fingers could possibly work for anything.

He said that sometimes they break but after a while, the ends will grow back.

Me: So I have this tentative character called “Steelwing wing 7, 07”, or just Seven. He is loosely inspired by Nash but he is mostly immortal due to a government project, with this internal conflict around patriotism to the Hinotorian state
Me: And I was just thinking today about like, the idea in fiction of consciously experiencing the transition through death
Me: Maybe seven has a friend who was part of this research and is just this weird transcended being now
Me: What’s their name
Me: …Six
Me: No, eight
Me: Maybe there’s also a six out there and they have to track them down
Me: But like, six and eight, they’re a force to be reckoned with
Me: So six is kinda dreading it you might say
Me: Eight, since their transcension, has become all abstracted down to all the concepts that could possibly comprise them across all these Aether locales and is this kinda weird cosmic amalgam
Me: So six would hardly dare even say anything bad about them
Me: Why is six afraid of seven?
Me: Because when seven is minus eight and you find the root of what’s left, making it a square gives a negative result

Today I had a dream that I had some kind of Digimon keychain that was actually a crossover Kirby game. It was like, some kind of top-down RPG on a small black-and-white tamagotchi/digimon style screen except with good-ish resolution a tad more like a gameboy and one grey tone as well as black?? You could select your character from a menu of like maybe 8-10 of them that I didn’t really get to see.

I had chosen dedede apparently and discovered that when walking around through different areas each would have different music—namely in this one grassy area it played a more upbeat, ambient version of his boss theme.

My immediate thought was oh man, this has an actual soundtrack? I bet it’s a little different for each character so I’ll only get part of it, but I need to find some way to record this OST.


So the other day I was having a stupid little thought about people having Reflector MBs that could act as mini-Hfenixata. I haven’t talked about Reflectors much cause they haven’t been developed very much but basically they reside in a host and then the host and Reflector sort of “reflect” each other, that is, bring out hidden qualities of each other through their intertwinedness. They’re basically a carryover from my dropped (and in-reboot) Tyrian project, where they were inspired by the shadows in Blue Dragon Ral Grad* (which in turn first appeared in Blue Dragon).

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Getting a degree in Aluma

So this will be a short post, maybe I’ll add on to it later. But I just imagine getting a degree in Aluma to be the actual wildest thing

Verity / Aeterna

In Aeterna they have the Sophius academy for Sharps, where many important ‘science’ people get started. What I already had established is it’s kind of like a university but with its own quirks, at the very least the rather obvious one of having a giant Directed attribute mascot in the basement.

Now I like the idea that every student does independent research and a small dissertation before graduating,

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